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featuring Gina Jackson (RRC236)

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Hi Gina, we'll start with the usual question... what do you do for a living?

Ugh, I'm an Import Coordinator

How and why did you first get involved with RRC?

I decided that I needed to meet new people and wanted to get some running buddies. My mum lives in Stubbins and mentioned RRC, I went for the first time on my son's 2nd birthday and I've never looked back.

What is your favourite running memory or moment?

Wow I have so many! Probably doing Bury 10K last year with my big sis. I got a PB, cried when I saw the RRC cheer point, cried when I saw the Trouts at the end, cried when I saw my other big sis on the finish line, was interviewed (no idea who for) and then used for promotional purposes this year 😂🙈

Who would be your 4 fantasy dinner guests (dead or alive)?

My dad, Eleanor of Aquitane, Anne Boleyn and Barack Obama.

What is your pre-race routine?

I don't really have one! I do a flat lay the night before to make sure I have everything. I eat carbs the night before like pasta, very rarely eat in the morning and just hope for the best!

OK onto the quick-fire round... 

Favourite film?


Favourite band?

*in a very quiet voice* McFly 🙈

Favourite parkrun?

Heaton parkrun

Who is your running hero?

My big sister Carolyn. She's always been so supportive, she got me into it, got me a 10K PB and deals with so much at home and work and still manages to get out 5 times a week to train.

What would be your Mastermind specialist subject?

Disney Princess Films

You are on lockdown and can only have one of these for the next three weeks, which are you choosing?

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Chocolate Hobnobs