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Stay connected to your club mates with our specially created Strava segments!

We know these are testing and unprecedented times and we've been working hard to think of creative ways to keep everybody connected both socially and via their running and other physical activities.

To help keep you motivated we have created a special series of 'RRCCV19' Strava segments for members to have a bash at: no pressure, no medals - simply a way of staying connected with your Ramsbottom Running Club mates!

The segments have been created with start locations in mind but please follow Government guidelines and do not travel by car to an area in order to attempt it if it's not close to your home.

We'll be adding more segments over the next few days/weeks and if you have a favourite area that's close to home perhaps you could make a segment too?!

All that we ask is that:

a) they are safe and within limits, remote off-road running is probably not advised right now, this also keeps the segments accessible to all

b) they are not too long (ideally between 1 and 6km)

c) equally, they are not too short. This isn't a race to see who can run the fastest and we would like to keep this as inclusive as possible

d) you prefix your segment with 'RRCCV19' then name the segment whatever you like, for ease of finding the relevant routes

e) you share your segment on the Ramsbottom Running Club Members Facebook page (we will also be sharing them across our various other social media channels too)

f) you stay safe and within current Government guidelines with regards to social distancing and any future potential lockdowns

To get you started here are a few segments we have already created 👇🏽

If you have a favourite route near your home and you would like a segment adding from it please message Beverley Walker directly and tag her in your run on Strava (Bev W).

Bev will create the segment, name it appropriately then delete herself from your run.

We are particularly looking for more Ramsbottom/Edenfield/Stubbins routes.

Remember the segments do not have to be completed as a run - a walk is equally beneficial to the mind and body.

Let's keep running (and walking) whilst we can.

Stay safe everybody