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Meet the Member

featuring Olly Caunt (RRC020)

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Hi Olly… what do you for a living?
I run a nuclear radiation detection and protection business.

How and why did you first get involved with RRC?

I answered the original Facebook appeal, couldn't make the pub night, but joined the first run. The idea of RRC sounded just what I was looking for, and has exceeded expectations on every level. A community-powered behemoth of positive joy… what a great bunch of incredible folk!

What is your favourite running memory or moment?

1 year ago yesterday - crossing the Manchester Marathon line.. My wife and kids surprised me at the (originally couldn't make it)… I was in pieces!

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us...

I play the accordion (very badly now)

Who would be your 4 fantasy dinner guests (dead or alive)?

Billy Connolly, Richard Feynman, Marie Curie & Michael Parkinson

What is your pre-race routine?

I get up really early and jog the dog for a few km. Gets things moving..

OK onto the quick-fire round…

Favourite book?

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite film?

The Big Blue

Favourite band?

Too many! Currently the top of my playlist is Lack of Afro, but of all-time - probably Led Zeppelin

Favourite parkrun?

Stretford - the only one I've done!

Who is your running hero?

Roger Bannister - an absolute gent

What would you choose as your Mastermind specialist subject?

French wine..(but would fail miserably)

You are in lockdown and can only eat one thing for the next 21 days, what are you having?

DeCecco spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce & basil - and a good red