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Introduced by Connor Barrett (RRC205)

As some of you may know, I am part of Sign Along With Us, a sign language and singing group who auditioned for Britain's Got Talent this year. The group has 70 members who live in Greater Manchester and beyond.

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Our aim is to promote inclusivity and raise awareness of the importance of sign language as a form of communication. Similar to the Ramsbottom Running Club ethos of never leaving anyone behind, Sign Along with Us prides itself on being welcoming and open to all who want to learn sign language to music. The group was formed by Jade and her little brother, Christian, whose story inspires us every single day:

Christian has a type of brain injury called HIE, caused by being stillborn. He didn't take his first breath for 24 minutes. Christian also has cerebral palsy, visual impairments, global development delay and sensory processing disorder but above all of that, he is just the most incredible little boy.

His family was told that Christian would never be able to communicate but Jade didn’t give up. She started signing with him and eventually after 18 months, he signed back.

Since then he has come so far and can now sign around 250 words and can even speak some words too. He is just a miracle. Jade and Christian wanted to share everything they knew with the world in the hope that they would learn some sign language too, so then it would help Christian and others like him in not feeling isolated, enabling him to communicate with more people.

Our Britain's Got Talent audition went beyond our wildest dreams as we received the Golden Buzzer from David Walliams to send us through to the semi finals this weekend!

If you missed the audition, you can see it here 👇🏽

You can watch our semi-final performance this Saturday, 19th September at 8pm on ITV1 and you can vote for your favourite act (😉) afterwards by claiming 5 free votes on the BGT App, or by phoning or texting as instructed on the show.

We'd really appreciate your support.

Thank you!

Connor Barrett (RRC205)

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