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Couch to 5K: A Beginner's Guide!

We are really excited about the launch of our brand new Couch to 5K programme on Friday 10th June.

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For some of you it might be the very first time you have ever been active (or at least the first time since you were made to join in with cross country at school!) for others you might be returning to exercise after some time away.

A friend had been encouraging me to join Ramsbottom Running Club and to come along to the weekly club nights for some time. However I just laughed and said that I have never run in my life and I was never particularly athletic at school - I was definitely never a runner! My friend kindly informed me that Ramsbottom Running Club was about to start a Couch to 5k programme and I thought this sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to start exercising and running with other people who hadn't run before. 

Tracy - Couch to 5K Graduate

Whatever your starting point, you might be feeling a little unsure about what to expect so we just wanted to put your mind at rest and let you know that this programme is for everyone, no matter your age, background, fitness level or gender.

There is no pressure or expectation on you to have to run for 5K by the end of the programme, but we are confident that we will be able to support you to comfortably cover that distance whether that’s by walking, jogging, running or a mixture of each!

Ramsbottom Running Club's volunteer Run Leaders will support you through the 10-week programme, both in person at our weekly sessions and via our dedicated Facebook group. They will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and offer ongoing support and encouragement along the way. You can join the group here. 

Eve Hart, one of Ramsbottom Running Club’s volunteer Run Leaders explains the value of having a supportive community:

“Having an online support group running alongside the Couch to 5K programme is vital for keeping everyone feeling motivated. It provides a space for participants to post about their weekly activities, share their stories, form friendships and offer essential support and encouragement so that as many people as possible see the programme through to the end.”

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As well as Eve, participants can look forward to meeting volunteers Ken, Emma, Andrew, Marissa and Rob who all have bags of experience of supporting new and returning walkers and runners and making sure the activities are fun and enjoyable.

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When it comes to graduating from the programme, participants will be treated to a wonderful reception from regular members of Ramsbottom Running Club and their famous cow-bell welcome parties!

As the program reached its conclusion, we were given a guard of honour on our return to The Brewery; something that makes RRC stand out is that the support and encouragement is second to none. 

Antony - Couch to 5K Graduate

Ramsbottom Running Club Chair, Rowan Ardill will be at the session on week one to welcome everyone before handing over to the team of volunteer Run Leaders to take you through your week one activity.

Remember to download the One You Couch to 5K App from wherever you normally download your Apps - just look for this logo:

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We can't wait to meet you, get started and help you towards your 5K graduation!