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What the eff is Jeffing?!

We are really looking forward to launching our new RRC Jeffing group, but what actually is 'Jeffing' and where did it get its name?!   

'Jeffing' is a run/walk method which consists of purposefully breaking your activity down into running and walking intervals from the beginning of a training session or race. 

The intervals can be split by distance (i.e. run 100 metres / walk 100 metres, repeat) or by time (i.e. run for 60 seconds / walk for 60 seconds, repeat).

Why is it called Jeffing?

The technique of 'Jeffing' is named after American Olympic runner Jeff Galloway. Galloway was on the 1972 American Olympic team competing in the 10,000m. 

He is an exceptional runner, previously setting an American 10-mile road record and winning the 1974 Honolulu Marathon in a time of 2:23:02. 

Check out this great video from our friends at The Running Channel which goes into a little more detail ⬇️

We look forward to welcoming you along to a Tuesday evening club session for some Jefffing soon!