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We love our volunteers! ❤️

Keeping our club fresh, relevant and fun to be a part of depends on recruiting (and keeping hold of) our volunteers. 

Ramsbottom Running Club is blessed in this regard, having wonderful support from our dedicated Run Leaders and passionate committee members who all ensure the RRC wheels keep turning! 

From our weekly club nights, track nights and annual awards celebration events to club champs races, social occasions and managing our club kit; it's our volunteers that are responsible for keeping everyone safe, connected and informed and ensuring that the quid that you drop in the bucket each week is banked and spent wisely. 

Run Leaders

Our amazing Run Leaders have all completed the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course and volunteer their time each week to lead our weekly club sessions. 

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 They also help to plan the routes each week and are invaluable in ensuring that everyone feels welcome and has a fun, safe experience at Ramsbottom Running Club. 


The Committee

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Since the club's formation in 2016, seventeen different members have served on the Ramsbottom Running Club committee which is led by our Founder and Chair, Rowan Ardill. The committee meet four times a year to discuss all elements of club business and also communicate with one another regularly in between these meetings.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which usually doubles up as a social and pub quiz, takes place in February each year and provides an opportunity to present the club's accounts to members and also to elect the committee for the coming year. 

The committee is made up of 9 roles:

- Chair

- Club Secretary

- Treasurer

- Membership Secretary

- Safeguarding Officer

- Social Secretary

- Club Events Coordinator

- Communications Officer 

- Club Kit Officer 

Each role on the committee has a one-year term and requires the holder to stand for re-election at the AGM. This means that all members of the club are invited to put their name forward in advance of the AGM if they would like to stand for any of our committee roles. 


If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer at Ramsbottom Running Club, or would like any more detail about any of the roles, do drop us a line via: 


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