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Meet the Member

featuring Paul Jenkins (RRC042)

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Hi Paul, tell us… what do you for a living?

Poet (Yes - real job!) Also Teacher. Also Radio Presenter. Also whatever is available and is offering to pay the rent.

How and why did you first get involved with RRC?

I went along to a Tuesday night as I’d ‘dabbled’ at being a runner on my own for years but never really thought about being a member of a club before. Clubs always seemed to be very cliquey when I’d gone to races - not very supportive of anyone like me who floated near the back of the pack. After being around you lot for two minutes I realised that was not going to be the case with RRC!

What is your favourite running memory or moment?

I think the road trip to Loch Ness carrying the RRC flag to go and do the marathon up there has to be one of the best. The immense trek there with Nigel, Martin, Neil, Alex, Sarah and Steve plus the the two days we spent in a beautiful yet very remote place was the closest I’ve ever got to being in a road movie. I had a shocking race and did my slowest ever time over the distance but still enjoyed every second. Plus they gave you free soup at the end. Cant beat free grub.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us...

I once met Michael Caine by sneaking into a movie event. Went and said hello to him, shook his hand and everything. Got so excited that I left the building and completely snubbed Sean Connery on my way out by accident.

Who would be your 4 fantasy dinner guests (dead or alive)?

I’ll go with Attenborough (obvs), Tanni Grey Thomson (who almost ran me over on the Great Manchester run once), Sara Cox as she’s always a laugh and Michael J Fox just so I can bore him all night with encyclopaedic knowledge of Back to the Future.

What is your pre-race routine?

Wake up late, can’t find pins, drive to garage, can’t find pins, go to another garage, find pins, go to race, find out yet again that this is one where they provide pins, sprint to start line after missing photo, say hello to some Rams, run. It’s a tried and tested formula.

OK onto the quick-fire round…

Favourite book?

1984 - dark, scary, dystopian, right up my street.

Favourite film?

Back to the Future - every time. Closely followed by Parts 2 & 3. No other films come close.

Favourite band?

Blur, seen them on four different occasions and every time was immense. Park life was the first album where I really got switched onto music.

Favourite parkrun?

Clitheroe Castle - the great rollercoaster!

Who is your running hero?

As a kid it was Eamon Martin - his nephew Scott was in the year below me at school and he was always visiting our school.

What would you choose as your Mastermind specialist subject?

Back to the Future - although somebody already nabbed it off me recently in the show. As a back up I’d probably go for something to do with Shakespeare - maybe the Comedy of Errors which is my favourite play.

You are in lockdown and can only eat one thing for the next 21 days, what are you having?

Bread. All the bread..... Nom.