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Meet the Member

featuring Lianne Troughton (RRC233)

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Hi Lianne, let's start with an easy one... what do you do for a living?

I’m Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of a Cyber Security Company

How and why did you first get involved with RRC?

Lee (my husband) had found RRC online after moving up to Helmshore from Hampshire, and had been coming along for a couple of months. I’d recently started running as a bid to get fit and shift a few pounds, he suggested I come along.

My first night at running club was the infamous armed robbery at Santander! Who knew it would be so eventful!

What is your favourite running memory or moment?

It would have to be crossing the finish line of my first Half Marathon (Manchester 2018) and locking eyes with Lee through the crowd, he was beaming at me and looked so proud, I just burst into tears, I never had the faith that I could actually do it.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us...

I once wrote a letter to Father Christmas and asked for a pair of boobs because I wanted to be like Sam Fox!

Who would be your 4 fantasy dinner guests (dead or alive)?

Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love, Paula Yates and my father-in-law Steve Troughton (I never got to meet him)

What is your pre-race routine?

I’m a very organised person, so everything is laid out or packed the night before, including prepping my breakfast (weetabix, chopped apple and almond milk) but if Lee is running in the same race, I’m usually rushing around after him, making sure he has everything he needs, which takes my mind off the nerves.

OK, onto the quick-fire round…

Favourite book?

Difficult to pick just one book, as it’s usually whatever I’m currently reading, but I loved “This is going to hurt” by Adam Kay

Favourite film?

True Romance (Clarence & Alabama are relationship goals!)

Favourite band?

Take That!

Favourite parkrun?

Dinton Pastures in Berkshire, it’s a beautiful nature reserve, and it’s where we scattered my Nan’s ashes, she never knew me as a runner, but I like to think that she would be pretty proud of my new hobby.

Who is your running hero?

Ha Britney Spears! She beat the 100m world record the other day! I’m going to cheat and choose a team instead of one single runner. My favourite athletics event is the 4x400m relay, and my heroes would have to be the silver medal winning team from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics – Iwan Thomas, Jamie Baulch, Mark Richardson, Roger Black. One of the most exciting races I’ve ever watched, edge of the seat stuff!

What would you choose as your Mastermind specialist subject?

Boy Bands of the 90's

You are in lockdown and can only eat one thing for the next 21 days, what are you having?

Cherry Bakewell Tart (Vegan of course)