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Meet the Member

featuring Connor Barrett (RRC205)

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Hi Connor, tell us what you do for a living?

I’m a Social Media Executive at Manchester Airport.

How and why did you first get involved with RRC?

A Facebook post from Rowan popped up in my feed in January 2018. I was working in Burnley at the time so I popped down to the club a week later on my way home. Within a few months I was hooked and in June 2018 I became a member. I have never looked back.

What is your favourite running memory or moment?

Passing the RRC cheer point at Mile 25 of the Manchester Marathon 2019 - seeing everyone was a huge lift and, as I ran from the cheer point with tears in my eyes, I knew I was going to make it.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us...

In 2013, I got to run with Haile Gebrselassie when he visited Sweatshop at the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Who would be your 4 fantasy dinner guests (dead or alive)?

Grandad John - he died when I was young and I'd love to share a Guinness with him, Eliud Kipchoge, Michael Atherton - cricketing and, more importantly, writing hero, and James O'Brien - LBC radio host.

What is your pre-race routine?

Alarm at race start time - 2 hours. Breakfast. Toilet. Kit check. Kill time. Leave the flat 5 minutes later than planned. Miss the RRC photo. Warm up. Run!

OK onto the quick-fire round…

Favourite book?

Scott Jurek - Eat & Run (I'm on my 7th read!)

Favourite film?

I'm not a film person at all but I love Bruce Almighty.

Favourite band?

A tie between The High Kings and Mumford + Sons.

Who is your running hero?

If we're talking professionals then Eliud Kipchoge or Scott Jurek. Closer to home, Eve Hart - an inspiration for my running since I joined RRC.

What would you choose as your Mastermind specialist subject?

Irish Folk Music Lyrics.

You are in lockdown and can only eat one thing for the next 21 days, what are you having?

The humble Hot Cross Bun.